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SUBPART 358-2 Definitions
358-2.0 Introduction
358-2.1 Action taken notice
358-2.2 Adequate notice
358-2.3 Adverse action notice
358-2.4 Agency conference
358-2.5 Aid continuing
358-2.6 Appellant
358-2.7 Applicant
358-2.8 Commissioner
358-2.9 Covered programs or services
358-2.10 OTDA
358-2.11 Expiration notice
358-2.12 Fair hearing
358-2.13 Hearing officer
358-2.14 Mass change in the Food Stamp Program
358-2.15 Notice of action
358-2.15-A Office of Administrative Hearings
358-2.16 Parties to a fair hearing
358-2.17 Public Assistance
358-2.18 Recipient
358-2.19 Restricted payment
358-2.20 Services funded through the New York State Department of Family Assistance
358-2.21 Social services agency
358-2.22 Social services district
358-2.23 Timely notice
358-2.24 Title
358-2.25 Witness
358-2.26 Resident
358-2.27 Food Stamps
358-2.28 Notice of missed interview
358-2.29 Request for contact notice

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