900.4 Waivers.

    (a) All regulations contained in this Part apply to all facilities providing shelter and services to homeless families for which a social services district seeks reimbursement under this Part, unless a waiver request by the social services district is submitted to an approved in writing by the department. A waiver request may be approved at the discretion of the department for good cause shown.

    (b) In approving a waiver request the department may require that additional procedures be implemented to protect residents' health and safety.

    (c) All waiver requests approved by the Department pursuant to this section will remain in effect only for so long as the department determines appropriate. From time to time, as appropriate, the department will review waivers to determine whether they should be continued, provided, however, that where a waiver of paragraphs three or four of section 900.15(c) or subdivision (f) of section 900.16 of this Part has been granted, at least every six months the department will review whether the waiver should be continued.

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