729.8 Merchandise and signs.

    (a) All merchandise to be sold at a vending facility must be approved by the commission before it is purchased or ordered for sale. Licensees must maintain an inventory of merchandise of quality, and in sufficient quantity and variety, to meet the requirements of the landlord or the property management agency, and the terms and conditions of the operating agreement.

    (b) The prices of merchandise sold at the vending facility must be competitive with prices charged for like items in similar businesses in the geographic area in which the vending facility is located. The establishment of all prices of merchandise sold at the vending facility and all subsequent price changes require the prior approval of the commission.

    (c) Licensees may display only those signs, advertisements or other promotional material deemed suitable for the location or required by the commission. Where required, such signs must be in accessible format.

    (d) The licensee must replace merchandise that is stolen or destroyed by fire, storm, water or any other type of disaster. The commission may grant a loan in an amount up to such replacement cost, provided that the licensee provides the commission with a fire or police report or other documentation attesting to the theft or the existence of the fire, storm, water or other type of disaster.

    (e) If adequate storage space for merchandise is not available at the vending facility, the licensee must agree to and provide storage space that complies with all applicable zoning, health and safety laws, regulations, and requirements.

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