729.6 Equipment.

    (a) With the exception of motor vehicles, the commission will provide all necessary vending facility equipment and will maintain it in good repair. The commission may replace such womout and obsolete equipment as it deems necessary to enable the continued successful operation of a vending facility. No such equipment may be added or installed without the express, written permission of the commission. All vending facilities which engage in over-the-counter cash sales must be equipped with cash registers that will enable licensees to control and record daily cash transactions. Cash registers will be selected and supplied by the commission.

    (b) Title to and interest in vending facility equipment purchased by the commission is vested in the commission. The commission must have access to the vending facility equipment at all reasonable times to inspect, repair and maintain the vending facility equipment. No alteration, change or removal of such equipment may be made without the prior written approval of the commission and no charge for rental or depreciation may be made to the licensee for the use of this equipment. Equipment replacement costs incurred as a result of a licensee's negligence will be bome by the licensee.

    (c) The licensee must maintain equipment in as good a condition as received, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Repair costs incurred as a result of poor maintenance or improper use will be borne by the licensee.

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