729.3 Licensing.

    (a) The commission is authorized to issue licenses to persons who are:

        (1) citizens of the United States;

        (2) at least 18 years of age;

        (3) blind, as defined in section 729.2 of this Part;

        (4) referred to the Business Enterprise Program by the commission's Vocational Rehabilitation Program; and

        (5) meet the requirements for operating a vending facility, as set forth in section 729.5 of this Part.

    (b) Licenses will be issued for an indefinite period of time, subject to revocation and expiration as set forth in this Part.

    (c) Licenses are not transferable.

    (d) A license expires due to a licensee's:

        (1) resignation from the Business Enterprise Program;

        (2) retirement from the Business Enterprise Program;

        (3) death; or

        (4) experiencing restoration of vision to the extent the licensee is no longer a blind person as defined in section 729.2 of this Part. Blindness must be re-certified once every five years by a physician skilled in diseases of the eye or by an optometrist, whichever the licensee selects.

    (e) A license may be revoked or a licensee placed on probation pursuant to section 729.4 or 729.13 of this Part.

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