729.12 Supervisory report.

    (a) The commission will prepare a written supervisory report of each licensee at least annually, on such forms as the commission may, from time to time, deem appropriate. The supervisory report will address whether the licensee is operating the vending facility in accordance with all applicable standards and is complying with all program requirements.

    (b) The commission representative responsible for preparing such report will meet with the licensee to discuss the contents of the report. The representative and the licensee will sign the report and a copy of such report will be given to the licensee. A copy of the report will be maintained in the licensee's permanent record with the commission. In the event the licensee refuses to sign the report, it will be so noted on the report. A licensee will not be placed on probation or have his or her license revoked for refusing to sign a supervisory report.

    (c) A licensee will have 15 days from receipt of a completed supervisory report to submit written comments regarding the report to the commission. Such comments will be appended to the supervisory report, and maintained on file with the commission.

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