449.3 Conditions for Operation of a Supervised Independent Living Program.

    a) After receiving approval to operate a supervised independent living program from 0CFS, the authorized agency may operate a program and certify supervised independent living units for occupancy by youth at the sites for which the authorized agency has issued supervised independent living program certifications.

    b) An authorized agency may only issue supervised independent living program certifications for sites that are in compliance with the requirements of this Part.

    c) An authorized agency operating an approved supervised independent living program must notify OCFS of the certification, renewal and/or closure of each supervised independent living unit. Such notification must be made by the authorized agency within 10 days of such certification, renewal or closure in the form and manner as required by OCFS.

    d) The authorized agency is responsible for the inspection, monitoring and supervision of all the supervised independent living units operated by the agency.

    e) A professionally trained caseworker, a person with experience in child welfare, or a person holding a master's degree in a related field who is in the employ of the authorized agency must supervise the supervised independent living program.

    f) The person designated to supervise the program must make the determination as to the youth to be placed in each supervised independent living unit, or such determination may be made by an interdisciplinary team when it is the general practice of the authorized agency to use such teams to make placement decisions.

    g) Adequate staffing must be maintained to provide services, visits, and supervision. The supervision of youth participating in a supervised independent living program must be performed by designated staff member(s) of the authorized agency who are qualified to perform such function; staff member(s) so designated must visit and consult with each youth at the supervised independent living unit at least twice per week. At least one visit per week must be held outside of standard business hours. An increased number of visits are required, when necessary, to address the individual health and safety needs of the residents of the supervised independent living unit. Visits conducted pursuant to this subdivision may satisfy the casework contact requirements of section 441.21( c) of this Title to the extend that visits are made by the child's case planner or caseworker assigned to the child by the case planner.

    h) The authorized agency must re-evaluate and renew the certification of each supervised independent living unit on an annual basis using standards contained in this Part. This evaluation must be documented in the authorized agency's record.

    i) Reimbursement for certified supervised independent living units will be provided on a basis and in a manner as determined by OCFS.

    j) An authorized agency operating a supervised independent living programs must submit fiscal and program data to OCFS in accordance with the provisions of Part 427 of this Title.

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