449.2 Conditions for Application and Approval of a Supervised Independent Living Program.

    a) An authorized agency may not operate a supervised independent living program until it receives the written approval of OCFS.

    b) An authorized agency desiring to operate a supervised independent living program must apply to OCFS for authorization to operate such a program in a manner as required by OCFS. Such application must include:

        1) a description of the need for the program, and a list of the social services districts interested in using the program, including letters of support from all districts that intend to use the proposed program;

        2) a description of the services that will be provided, including a plan setting forth how the services will be provided;

        3) the population to be served;

        4) proposed staffing, including the proposed staff to youth ratio for the program and the procedures for obtaining background checks on prospective employees, volunteers or consultants;

        5) a description of how units will be located and certified;

        6) a certification that all supervised independent living units will be operated in compliance with this Part; and

        7) any other information required by OCFS.

    c) A review to determine the applicant's compliance with OCFS requirements will be conducted by OCFS after the receipt of the application and all required supporting documentation.

    d) A notice of approval or denial of the application will be issued by OCFS after the completion of the review and, if the application is approved, a letter of approval will be issued by OCFS to the applicant.

    e) If an application is denied, OCFS will give written notice of the denial to the applicant, informing the applicant of the reasons therefore and of the applicant's right to request a hearing before a hearing officer designated by OCFS in accordance with the procedures set forth in Part 343 of this Title.

    f) The applicant's request for a hearing to review the denial of an application for an operating certificate must be made within 60 days after written notice of denial.

    g) The supervised independent living program and each independent living unit are subject to the inspection, supervision and enforcement powers of OCFS, as set forth in Article 7 of the Social Services Law.

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