387.6 Application form.

    (a) All local departments shall use the State- prescribed application form(s) in processing eligibility for food stamps. For application filing purposes, the form(s) must be completed with the name and address of the applicant and signed by either the applicant or authorized representative. Food stamp eligibility will not be determined until the application form is completed and signed.

    (b) Application forms must be readily available to all interested persons, including potentially eligible households and those groups and organizations involved in outreach efforts. The forms shall be given out or mailed the same day an individual requests information about the food stamp program.

    (c) Copies of instructions for completion of the application form(s) must accompany each distributed form. Worker or volunteer assistance must be available to those applicants who need help in completing and filing the form(s).

    (d) A household may voluntarily withdraw its application for food stamps at any time prior to the determination of eligibility. Such withdrawal shall not affect the right to reapply at any time.

    (e) A new application form is not required in cases previously denied for failure to meet program requirements, providing the household takes the necessary action to complete the application process within 60 days following the date the application was filed.

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