387.21 Implementation of fair hearing decisions.

    (a) The social services district is responsible for ensuring that all fair hearing decisions are reflected in a household's coupon allotment in accordance with the provisions of section 358-6.4 of this Title.

    (b) When a hearing decision determines that a household has been improperly denied food stamp benefits or has been issued a lesser allotment than was due, lost benefits must be provided to the household in accordance with section 387.18 of this Part. Benefits must be restored to households which are leaving the social services district before departure, whenever possible. If benefits are not restored prior to the household's departure, the social services district must forward an authorization for food stamp benefits to the household or to the new social services district, if this information is known. The new social services district must accept an authorization and issue the appropriate benefits whether the notice is presented by the household or received directly from another social services district.

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