Section 385.6 Assessments and employability plans for households with dependent children.

    (a) Assessments.

        (1) The social services official shall ensure that an employability assessment is provided for each public assistance recipient who is a member of a household with dependent children and is:

            (i) 18 years or older; or

            (ii) is 16 or 17 years of age and not attending secondary school and has not completed high school or an equivalency program.

        (2) Such assessment shall include, but not be limited, to a review of the individual's:

            (i) education level, including literacy and English language proficiency;

            (ii) basic skills proficiency;

            (iii) child care and other supportive services needs;

            (iv) skills and prior work experience;

            (v) training and vocational interests;

            (vi) family circumstances, including the special needs of a child.

        (3) The assessment shall be completed within 90 days of the date such recipient is determined to be eligible for public assistance pursuant to Part 351 of this Title.

        (4) The social services official shall encourage and may require a recipient who has not attained a basic literacy level and who is not subject to the educational requirements of section 385.9 of this Part to enroll in a basic literacy program, high school equivalency program or other educational program in combination with other work activities. Any such assignment shall be consistent with the employability plan prepared pursuant to subdivision (b) of this section.

        (5) An applicant or recipient may be assigned to work activities in accordance with the provisions of this Part prior to the completion of an assessment.

        (6) Applicants and recipients are required to participate in an assessment as assigned by the social services official.

            (i) An applicant who fails to comply with assessment requirements shall be ineligible for public assistance, provided, however, that the term applicant means the entire public assistance applicant household.

            (ii) A recipient who fails to comply with assessment requirements shall be subject to the provisions of sections 385.11 and 385.12 of this Part.

    (b) Employability plan.

        (1) (i) Based upon the assessment required pursuant to this section, an employability plan shall be developed in writing and in consultation with the recipient, which shall set forth:

                (a) the services which the district will provide, including child care;

                (b) the work activities to which the recipient will be assigned;

                (c) the recipient's employment goal, which shall reflect, to the extent possible, the recipient's preferences to the extent they are consistent with the assessment;

            (ii) In developing the plan, the social services official shall take into account:

                (a) the recipient's supportive services needs;

                (b) the available program opportunities;

                (c) the local employment opportunities;

                (d) if the recipient is assigned to an education program, the recipient's liability for student loans, grants and scholarship awards;

        (2) Notwithstanding the requirements of paragraph (1) of this subdivision, the social services official must consider the need of the social services district to meet Federal and State work activity participation rates before completing an individual's employability plan.

        (3) If a recipient's preferences cannot be accommodated in the employability plan, the plan shall record the reasons.

        (4) The plan shall be explained to the recipient.

        (5) Any change to the plan shall be discussed with the recipient and documented in writing.

    (c) The social services official shall use designated trained staff or providers with demonstrated effectiveness in assessment and employability development to prepare the assessments and plans required by this section.

    (d) Child care. Assignments to work activities made pursuant to an employability plan can be made to the extent that child care is available in accordance with the provisions of this Part and Part 415 of this Title. The social services official shall provide information to the applicant or recipient either orally or in writing, as appropriate, regarding child care and methods of payment for such care.

    (e) Social services officials may provide assessments which are more detailed and comprehensive than required by this section.

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