373-2.3 Eligibility requirements for RMA.

    (a) Eligibility for RMA is limited to those persons aged 21 through 64 who are not living with a dependent child, are not pregnant or certified blind/disabled and who:

        (1) are eligible for or receiving Safety Net Assistance (SNA); or

        (2) are eligible for medical assistance under the single/childless couples group (S/CC); or

        (3) have net available income or resources above the SNA or S/CC levels, but whose net available income or resources are at or below the State's medically needy levels as determined using the requirements of subpart 360-4 of this Title; and

        (4) meet immigration status and identification requirements in subpart 373-1.3 of this Part; and

        (5) meet eligibility requirements and conditions set forth in this subpart; and

        (6) provide the name of the resettlement agency which resettled them, if a refugee or entrant; and

        (7) are not full-time students in an institution of higher education, except where such enrollment is approved by the office as part of an individual employability plan.

    (b) Persons who do not meet the financial eligibility standards of the medically needy program, must be allowed to spend down to such standard pursuant to subpart 360-4.8(c) of this Title.

    (c) Eligibility for RMA is limited to a specific period to be determined by the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) from the date of entry into the United States for refugees and Cuban/Haitian entrants, or from the date the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) granted asylum for asylees.

    (d) The social services district may not require that a refugee, an asylee or a Cuban/Haitian entrant actually apply for or receive Family Assistance (FA) or SNA as a condition of eligibility for RMA.

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