373-2.1 General

    (a) Refugee medical assistance (RMA).

    The RMA program is a federal program that provides medical assistance to refugees, asylees and Cuban/Haitian entrants eligible under this subpart in order to assist them to achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible.

    (b) Related regulations.

    Regulations at Parts 500 through 541 of this Title establish policies and standards for provision of medical assistance services and list fees and reimbursement for specific medical assistance services.

    (c) Definitions.

        (1) Medically needy financial eligibility standards means the financial requirements provided in subpart 360-4 of this Title.

        (2) Spend down refers to the process of deducting incurred medical expenses from countable income, thereby lowering the amount of countable income/resources to a level that meets financial eligibility requirements set forth in subpart 360-4 of this Title.

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