372.4 Scope of assistance.

Emergency assistance to eligible needy families with children shall be provided as follows:

    (a) Except in the situations hereinafter provided, grants and allowances provided under this section shall be only for such items of need, in such amounts as provided for in Part 352 of this Title.

    (b) Payments made to meet the cost of repairs to recipient-owned homes must be made when the repairs are essential for the health and safety of the recipient or the need for such repairs results from fire, flood, or other like catastrophe, provided provision therefor cannot otherwise be made.

    (c) In situations of mass emergency, payment for costs of services and supplies, mass feeding and clothing distribution, and other essential articles such as blankets shall be made.

    (d) Services necessary to cope with the emergency situation, including information referral, counseling, securing family shelter, and any other services which meet needs attributable to the emergency situation, must be provided subject to any limitations in subdivision (e) of this section.

    (e) When amounts are specifically appropriated for services to individuals and families who meet the eligibility requirements under this part, EAF must be provided only within the amounts specifically appropriated and subject to the terms and conditions of such appropriation.

    (f) The EAF categorical eligibility criteria in efrfect on September 30, 1995, shall apply to those childrens' services that would otherwise be ineligible for reimbursement under the EAF program except that they were included in the approved ADC State Plan in effect on September 30, 1995.

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