369.7 Mandatory referral to local Child Support Enforcement Unit.

    (a) When a parent or parents of an applicant for or recipient of FA is absent from the home or when the paternity of a dependent child is not legally established, the local income maintenance unit must refer the applicant or recipient to the local Child Support Enforcement Unit.

    (b) An applicant must be given the opportunity to apply for child support services at the time of application for FA if the conditions set forth in subdivision (a) of this section exist.

    (c) When an applicant is approved for FA, a child support enforcement referral must be made within two working days of the issuance of the first grant to a new or reopened case in cases where an applicant for FA has not applied for child support services under subdivision (b) of this section.

    (d) This referral must contain all of the available documentation information requested by the local Child Support Enforcement Unit.

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