Section 366.6 Budgeting.

The following general provisions apply:

    (a) A participant is no longer eligible for CAP when such individual is not eligible for benefits for four consecutive months.

    (b) Once the CAP benefit has been determined for a payment quarter, no recalculation of the CAP benefit may be made during that payment quarter if the family experiences an increase or decrease in income. This provision does not apply to non-financial changes which are not related to income which impact the CAP benefit.

    (c) CAP participants are not eligible to receive the child support pass-through provided for in section 352.15 of this Title. However, when a family's monthly CAP benefit (including any special allowances and recoupment amounts) is less than the amount of current child support received by the agency in the same month, the district must provide the family with the difference. This process, known as support reconciliation, must be completed by the district when each quarterly report is received.

    (d) The PA lump sum provision at 352.29(h) does not apply to CAP. CAP households are allowed to retain lump sums that are less than one quarter of the 1989 poverty level without impacting their CAP eligibility. When a member of the CAP household receives a lump sum which is more than one quarter of the 1989 poverty level, the household is ineligible for public assistance for the number of CAP payment quarters which equals the amount of the lump sum divided by the quarterly poverty level.

    (e) Grandparent and stepparent deeming must be applied in determining CAP eligibility and benefit when a grandparent or stepparent is legally responsible for a CAP filing unit member but is not drawn into the CAP filing unit. CAP stepparent and grandparent deeming follow the same procedures used for public assistance found at 352.14(a)(3) for the deeming of income, except that CAP deeming substitutes the 1990 monthly poverty level for the work disregard found at 352.14(a)(3)(i) and the standard of need disregard found at 352.14(a)(3)(ii).

    (f) The cooperative budgeting procedures found at 352.32(e) do not apply when a CAP filing unit resides in the same home with a public assistance filing unit.

    (g) The undue hardship reduction procedures found at 352.31(d)(2) do not apply to CAP.

    (h) The gross income limits found at 352.18 do not apply to CAP.

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