Section 366.3 General provisions of CAP.

    The following general provisions apply:

    (a) Families eligible for benefits under CAP are not eligible to receive assistance through Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), FA, or SNA, unless otherwise specified in this Part.

    (b) Within the same household, family members must either all receive CAP or all receive non-CAP public assistance (RCA, FA,, or SNA).

    (c) Non-CAP public assistance recipients can only be transferred from the non-CAP PA program to CAP on the first day of a month.

    (d) CAP participants will be eligible for medical assistance under Part 360 of this Title only to the extent that the participants meet the financial and categorical requirements for medical assistance.

    (e) When used in this Part, the phrase poverty level will refer to the poverty guidelines issued by the United States Bureau of the Census.

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