Section 366.2 District responsibilities.

    All districts authorized to operate CAP must:

    (a) conduct sufficient outreach activities to ensure that all FA recipients receive information including, but not limited to: a summary of the benefits of CAP participation, the criteria required to establish CAP eligibility, instructions on how to apply for CAP, and assurances that participation in CAP is voluntary;

    (b) conduct a face-to-face interview with all FA recipients who have expressed an interest in participating in CAP. The interview must include the completion of a program comparison estimating the potential benefits which would be available to participants under FA and food stamps, as well as under CAP and food stamps. The effect of CAP enrollment for medical assistance and child care must also be reviewed with each potential participant as part of this grant comparison process; as well as the availability of the child health insurance plan described in title one-A of article twenty-five of the public health law;

    (c) assist potentially eligible program participants in obtaining all documentation necessary to allow the district to determine their initial eligibility for CAP benefits;

    (d) determine eligibility for CAP, food stamps and medical assistance, and provide such benefits to otherwise eligible families;

    (e) determine to deny or accept a request to transfer to CAP no later than the end of the month following the month in which the family requests to transfer;

    (f) provide case management services in accordance with section 366.9 of this Part;

    (g) assist program participants in obtaining documentation necessary to establish their continuing eligibility as required under this Part;

    (h) process any reapplication for FA or Safety Net Assistance (SNA) from a CAP participant who has expressed a desire to return to either of these programs and, after a subsequent determination of eligibility, restore benefits retroactive to the date of reapplication.

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