Section 366.1 Applicability of Department regulations.

    CAP is operated as part of a district's Family Assistance program. As such, CAP participants are subject to all the regulations of this Title governing FA, unless otherwise specified in this Part.

    To the extent consistent with this Part, regulations of Volume 18 NYCRR governing public assistance (PA) will apply to CAP participants. Such regulations include Part 347 (Child Support), Part 349 (General Provisions), Part 350 (Application), Part 351 (Investigation and Eligibility), Part 352 (Standards of Assistance), Part 354 (Case Recording), Part 355 (Information Pamphlets; Notification of Decisions), Part 356 (Inquiries and Complaints), Part 357 (Confidential Nature of Records), Part 358 (Fair Hearings), Part 360 (Medical Assistance), Part 369 (Family Assistance) and Part 385 (Employment).

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