360-3.6 Eligibility of persons temporarily in the State.

    (a) A person who is not a State resident but is temporarily in the State and requires immediate medical care not otherwise available, will be eligible for MA if:

        (1) the person did not enter the State solely to obtain such medical care; and

        (2) the person applies for MA and meets the eligibility requirements except for State residence, United States citizenship, or status as an alien permanently residing in the United States under color of law.

    (b) MA will cover outstanding medical bills allowed under the MA program after all medical assistance available from the person's state of residence has been used.

    (c) District responsibilities. When a person temporarily in this State applies for MA, the social services district must assist the appropriate social services agency in the person's state of residence in the investigation and the arrangements for care, providing the person is eligible for medical assistance in the state of residence.

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