350.7 Responsibility of a social services district at the time of application interview.

At the time of the application interview the social services district shall inform the applicant of:

    (a) the eligibility requirements of the program under which he is applying for assistance or care;

    (b) his responsibility for reporting all facts material to a proper determination of eligibility;

    (c) the joint responsibility of the local department and the applicant for exploring all facts concerning eligibility, needs and resources, and the applicant's responsibility for securing, wherever possible, records or documents to support his statements;

    (d) the kinds of verification needed;

    (e) the fact that any investigation essential to the determination of eligibility will be undertaken;

    (f) his responsibility for notifying the local department immediately of all changes in circumstances; and

    (g) the availability of assistance and/or service under some other program, either public or private, if the applicant appears eligible therefor.

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