Proposed Settlement in Niagara County Public Assistance Case – Hearing Adjourned Until June 17


The hearing on this settlement has been adjourned until June 17, 2014.  It will be at 2 PM in Judge Arcara’s courtroom in the U. S. District Court, Western District of New York, Buffalo Courthouse, 2 Niagara Square, Buffalo, NY 14202


On July 9, 2013, NCLEJ and the Western New York Law Center filed a class action, McCoy v. Restaino, in the Western District of New York on behalf of residents of Niagara County who have applied, or are applying, for food stamps and/or cash public assistance. The complaint alleged that month after month, Niagara County fails to process hundreds of applications for food stamps and cash public assistance within the time periods prescribed by law, and fails to advise applicants of the delays and of their right to challenge the delays.

These benefits are crucial to the health and well-being of Niagara residents living in poverty. As a result of the County’s processing delays, Niagara’s poorest residents needlessly have faced, and continue to face, great hardship to put food on the table and make ends meet.

We have reached a settlement in this case. The notices of the settlement in English and Spanish are below, as is the text of the proposed settlement

Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action

Aviso De Acuerdo Propuesto De Demanda Colectiva

Text of Proposed Settlement

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