Fair Hearing Resources
Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Codes & Commissioner Designees' Signatures
Which Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Will Conduct My Fair Hearing?
by Gene Doyle, LMSW At the top right hand corner of the Notice of Fair Hearing (OAH-457), i.e., the scheduling notice, there is a three digit code, which indicates the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who has been assigned to conduct the Fair Hearing: To look up a specific ALJ code, search the...
14 Sep, 2021
Which Commissioner's Designee Decided My Fair Hearing?
by Gene Doyle, LMSW Social Services Law ยง 22[2] authorizes the Commissioner to designate "one or more appropriate members of his [sic] staff to consider and decide such appeals. Any staff member so designated and authorized shall have authority to decide such appeals on behalf of the...
23 Jan, 2021