Where to Apply for Medicaid and Medicaid Home Care in New York City

COVID-19 ALERT - Many Medicaid offices are closed during the emergency.  

Changes in how people apply for and receive Medicaid personal care services occurred in September 2012, followed by major changes for how all people under age 65 applied for Medicaid in 2014, when the NY State of Health Exchange was launched to accept Medicaid applications under the Affordable Care Act.  

There are 2 main ways of accessing Medicaid, depending on age, Medicare status, and some other factors.

A.    People age 65+ or younger if they are disabled and have Medicare  -- they apply for Medicaid at offices of New York City's Medicaid program is run by the Human Resources Administration (HRA)  Medical Insurance and Community Services Administration (MICSA). 

B.  People under age 65 who do not have Medicare, and those who have Medicare and live with and take care of a dependent child or other relative apply on the NYS of Health Exchange.   

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A.   Age 65+, or under 65 with a disability and receive Medicare --

There are two networks of offices to apply for Medicaid in the community, depending on whether you are seeking Medicaid for home care (whether through Managed Long Term Care  or "Immediate Need" or otherwise for those exempt from MLTC)  or NOT seeking home care.  

         (1)   Community Medicaid offices -  process applications for Medicaid with a "spend-down," the Medicaid Buy-In
for People with Disabilities
, and the Medicare Savings Program  

          (2)  Home Care Services Program (CASA) - DO NOT FILE application directly with any CASA office.  Instead 

A.  WHERE TO FILE Medicaid applications for adults age 21+ who have Medicare and who will be seeking Medicaid Managed Long Term Care services:

HRA--HCSP Central Medicaid Unit  - MAIL HERE 

785 Atlantic Avenue, 7th Floor  

Brooklyn, NY 11238                              T: 929-221-0849


OUTSIDE COVID EMERGENCY - FILE ion the 1st floor WINDOW 16- Recommended that you file it in PERSON and get your copy STAMPED received. 

Please see NYC Medicaid Alert dated January 3, 2013 explaining the relocation of the Central Medicaid Unit and other home care services programs within HRA.

B.  WHERE TO File Medicaid applications and M11q forms, for those EXCLUDED from Managed Long Term Care and seeking "regular" personal care or housekeeping services -- 

  1. those who need only Housekeeping services - maximum 8 hours/week, not full personal care, or
  2. in the Nursing Home Transition, OPWDD or TBI Waivers, or
  3. do NOT have Medicare and are not in a "mainstream" Medicaid managed care plan, so are not required to enroll in an MLTC plan or
  4. under age 21, or
  5. in hospice care (and are excluded from enrolling in MLTC)
NYC HRA Home Care Services Program
Central Intake
132 W. 125th St.,5th Fl.
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212-665-1893
Fax: 212-666-1747
See more info at Applying for Medicaid Personal Care Services in New York City - BIG CHANGES SEPTEMBER 2012

C.   WHERE TO FILE MEDICAID APPLICATION if  you are an adult age 21+ and have Medicare and you have an "IMMEDIATE NEED" for personal care services or consumer-directed personal assistance services.
            E-Fax a copy of the complete application and all documents to HRA HCSP  1-917-639-0665;  The office that processes the application is  the following, but they prefer you file by e-fax not in person or by mail: 
HRA--Home Care Services Program Central Medicaid Unit 
785 Atlantic Avenue, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238

(3)     Hospitals often apply for Medicaid for people admitted for inpatient care.  They apply directly to the Hospital Eligibility Unit at the main administrative offices at  785 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn NY, or through the NYS of Health Exchange.

(4)    Nursing Home Medicaid -- Since 2006 changes in the law, you may only apply for Medicaid nursing home coverage once you have been admitted to a nursing home.  

HRA Medicaid Program
Nursing Home Eligibility Department
785 Atlantic Ave.,
Brooklyn NY 11238

HRA--HCSP Central Medicaid Unit 

785 Atlantic Avenue, 7th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11238                              T: 929-221-0849

B.       NYState of Health Exchange --

Apply online for Medicaid if you do not have Medicare, or if you have   Medicare and have a dependent child or other relative living with you. 

C.    See this list of  Other Medicaid (MICSA) contacts 

D.      Other pathways to Medicaid --

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