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The NYC Medicaid Home Care Services Program, which is part of the NYC Human Resources Administration Medical Insurance Community Services Administration (MICSA), also known as the Medicaid program, formerly was responsible for administration in  NYC for three types of Medicaid "personal care" services -- home attendant, housekeeping, and Consumer Directed Personal Care Services.  (CDPAP).  

HRA--HCSP Central Medicaid Unit (new address Jan. 14, 2013)
785 Atlantic Avenue, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11238       T: 929-221-0849

and then obtain a Conflict Free eligibility evaluation from NY Medicaid Choice, and tehn enroll in a Managed Long Term Care plan.  

 See this article for tips on  applying for Medicaid home attendant services (aka "personal care assistance") in New York City, for those who may still apply at the CASA offices -- everyone else must apply to a Managed Long Term Care Plan.  t

Please be courteous and exercise restraint when contacting staff on this list.  If you have an issue to resolve, the best practice is to start calling at the bottom of the hierarchy.  Only move up the chain of command to supervisors or managers if the junior staff are unable to resolve your issue.  By showing respect to agency staff, we can ensure that they will remain responsive to inquiries from advocates, caregivers, and consumers.  Thank you for understanding.

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