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The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program conducted a five-part Continuing Legal Education Webinar program  in April and May 2016 that provides tools to understand and navigate the complex world of Medicare and Medicaid in New York.   The focus is on eligibility and application procedures for older persons and people with disabilities who need help paying the out-of-pocket costs for Medicare, and cannot afford services not covered by Medicare such as home care.  This series does not include Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care or managed long term care in depth.

Links to view the completed webinars and to download the materials FREE are posted in the table below. 

CLE:  We are unable to offer CLE credit for those viewing the recorded webinars.  


Medicare Basics - Navigating Costs for Low-Income Beneficiaries

Medicaid Overview – different categories of recipients

  • Which “Bucket” or Category is client in – MAGI or Non-MAGI?  Who has a choice of category and “mixed” households
  • Who is/is not covered by the Affordable Care Act?
  • Immigration & Residency Criteria

How Client Accesses Medicaid Services –    Click here to register

  • Learn the different types of Managed Care plans and what services they provide  
  • Differences for people with and without Medicare- transitions for new Medicare beneficiaries 
  • Differences for people seeking Medicaid home care services

Download PowerPoint presentation here

View Webinar here  Recorded April 27, 2016

Focus on Disabled/Age 65+/ Blind [“DAB”] Medicaid- Part 1 – financial eligibility 

  • Income & Resource Rules for this “non-MAGI” category
  • How Income is Budgeted –Singles vs. Couples, Spousal Refusal & Spousal Impoverishment
  • Basics of Medicaid “Spend-down” and tips for reducing it
  • Special rules for working people with disabilities < 65

Click here to view the webinar Recorded May 6, 2016

Download the Powerpoint here.

Download the DAB Household Size calculator chart here.

Focus on Disabled/Age 65+/ Blind [“DAB”] Medicaid- Part 2: Applications and procedures

Click here to view the webinar  - How and Where to Apply for Medicaid 

  • Tips for Requesting “Retroactive” eligibility to cover bills in 3 months preceding application 
  • Tips for people how people seeking Managed Long Term Care apply for Medicaid

Download the Powerpoint here and the Sample Medicaid application here

Recorded May 6, 2016

Medicare and Medicaid for People Age 65, Blind or Disabled and Access to Long Term Care) Services in the Community

Click here to view the webinar

  • Brief 1-hour overview
  • Recorded July 6, 2016

Pooled Trusts and Medicaid in NYS

  • Conducted by David Silva, former Asst. Director, Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program
  • Recorded July 16, 2013  (not part of the Borchard series)
  • Download info on pooled trusts here

Fact Sheets and Webinars on Managed Long Term Care and FIDA

NYLAG Is Grateful to the Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging
for Support for this Program

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