Consumer Advocacy on the FIDA Demonstration - Fully Integrated Dual Advantage - Managed Care Covering Medicare and Medicaid Services Starting 2015

A new managed care Demonstration program will begin on January 1, 2015 in NYC, Long Island and Westchester, for Dual Eligibles  (those receiving Medicaid and Medicare) who also need home care or nursing home care.  See this article for more information about this program.  

This article gives links to advocacy positions by consumer advocates responding to the series of policies and procedures, including draft enrollment notices, that have been released by the State Dept. of Health as the FIDA Demonstration has been developed, moving toward implementation early in 2015. 

The Coalition to Protect the Rights of NY Dual Eligibles (CPRNYDE)( website launched August 2013)  is the author of many of the consumer comments.   The Steering Committee of the Coalition is composed of:

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Association of New York State
Center for Disability Rights
Center for Independence of the Disabled/NY
Community Services Society
Empire Justice Center
Legal Aid Society NYC
Medicare Rights Center
New York Association on Independent Living
New York Legal Assistance Group 
See additional advocacy materials on the related NYS Medicaid Managed Long Term Care program, a building block of FIDA.
For updates on Duals Demonstrations nationally see The Dual Agenda - a newsletter of Community Catalyst, a national organization working on various health access initiatives.

Date State Action Consumer Response
March 2012 Initial Demo Proposal (3/22/2012) Comments (Apr. 20, 2012)
May 2012 2nd Draft Proposal (5/3/2012) Comments (May 17, 2012)
5/25/12 FINAL Demo Proposal to Integrate Care for Dual Eligible Individuals  

Comments - NYS Dual Eligible Coalition (6/30/12)

Comments - Community Catalyst (6/28/12)

1/9/2013 DOH proposed Quality Measures (Oct. 2012) Performance Standards and Quality Measures for FIDA Program (Jan. 9, 2013)
2012-2013 APPEALS - NYS Unique Integrated Appeal Process

APPEALS - Consumer Coalition Comments on Creating an Appeals System for FIDA  (April 2012)

Consumer Coalition Letter on Changes, emphasizing nursing home resident enrollment, community integration (May 19, 2013)

4/25/13 Amended Demo Proposal Letter to NYSDOH re the dual demonstration addendum 05-19-13

DOH Draft Readiness Review Tool -8/26/13 draft for comment

DOH & CMS response to comments received on Readiness Review tool (9/23/2013)

Consumer Comments on Readiness Review tool (9/6/13)
8/2013 Memorandum of Understanding - Aug. 2013 Consumer Comments on MOU between State, CMS (Sept. 23, 2013)
11/27/13 Consumer Letter on Priorities in Three-Way Contract between State, CMS and Plans (11/27/13)
12/2013 CARE COORDINATION NYLAG Presentation on Panel at Care Coordination Roundtable, sponsored by NY Coalition to Protect NY Dual Eligibles - Challenges and Promising Practices of Care Coordination in MLTC (12/2013)
April 2014 ADA COMPLIANCE:  Consumer Coalition Letter to DOH and CMS Recommending Requirements for FIDA Plans to Attest to and Demonstrate Compliance with ADA, with table comparing NYS with other state requirements (April 16, 2014)
May 2014

State's Draft FIDA Enrollment Notices (5/21/14):

5/30/14 Consumer Coalition Letter to DOH and CMS Recommending Revisions to Draft Notices with Proposed Edited Language of:

July 2014 DOH announces delay of FIDA roll-out to January 2015
June 2014 Inter-Disciplinary Care Team (IDT) - Final NYS DOH Policy *6/5/14)

Consumer Coalition Comments on Earlier Draft IDT Policy (12/13/13)

Consumer Coalition comments on revised draft  (5-18-2014)

June-July 2014 ENROLLMENT ISSUESState DOH FAQ June 20, 2014 Consumer Coalition Letter to DOH and CMS raising concerns about enrollment issues in FIDA, (July 14, 2014)
June 2014 QUALITY - Draft Quality Strategy of NYS DOH for Managed Care (Available for public comment June 13, 2014) Consumer Coalition Comments on Draft Quality Strategy
July 2014

Three-Way Contract for FIDA - between NYS DOH, CMS and FIDA plans.

Comments on drafts of 3-way contracts

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