Medicare Part D - Overview (2019)

Training materials written and updated by various staff at the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources program since 2005. This outline, updated for the 2019 Part D enrollment period, which is from Oct. 15, 2018 - Dec. 7, 2018, covers the basic design of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, the Extra Help subsidy for low income beneficiaries, how Part D works with other types of drug coverage including EPIC and Medicaid, and how to get Extra Help by using the Medicare Savings Program.  The Outline includes information on how the "donut hole" or coverage gap is being gradually closed so that out-of-pocket expenses during this period will be reduced, for individuals whose drug costs are so high that they fall into the donut hole. 

NYLAG Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program Medicare Part D Training Outline - 2019

BIG CHANGE FOR 2019:  Medicaid recipients and others with Extra Help subsidy no longer may change plans every month.  They may change plans once per quarter in the 1st three calendar quarters.  See more about this and other "Special Enrollment Periods" or SEPS in the Outline at pp. 42 - 46. 


The above outlines describe the Part D program and how it works in New York -- how it works with New York Medicaid, EPIC, ADAP, Medigap, and other programs.  For more national materials on Medicare Part D and other Medicare topics, see the Medicare Rights Center website and its Medicare Interactive website.

This article was authored by the Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program of New York Legal Assistance Group.


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