New contact list posted for Main NYC Medicaid Offices that moved to Brooklyn in May 2013

As of Monday, May 6, 2013 the NYC Medicaid Office (known as MICSA) moved from 330 W. 34th Street in Manhattan to 785 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238.  All  MICSA-Medicaid operations, including TBI and NHTD waiver programs, have been relocated to this address. 

The Reception Unit which handled Medicaid Renewals and Under Care actions for consumers at 340A W. 34th Street in Manhattan is also CLOSED.  Consumers needing assistance can go the new Reception Unit on the main floor of 785 Atlantic Ave.Brooklyn NY 11238 or to any Medicaid office. 

The following is a list of UPDATED contact information for popular MICSA-Medicaid offices -

MICSA Unit   Liason Name     New Contact Info
Managed Care Client Services                                          

212-273-0062 (phone)

Recipient Restriction Unit

929-221-0859/60 (phone)

Eligibility Information Services 929-221-0865 (phone)
Medicaid Transportation 929-221-0840/41 (phone)
Medicaid Third Party Health Insurance Unit

212-630-1160(phone)                                                                          929-221-0842/43 (phone)
917-639-0675 (fax)
718-636-7767 (fax)

Medicaid Reimbursement          Evadne Duff (Homecare)  

929-221-0845 (phone non-home care)
929-221-1193 (phone home care)
718-636-7750 (fax home care)


Maria Rivera

Graciela Mathews

Angel Phifer-Brown (Fax Unit)

Fax Unit Number

929-221-0833 (phone)

929-221-0838 (phone)

929-221-0835 (phone)

917-639-0645 (fax - NO CHANGE)

For more information about the relocation, including additional departmental phone numbers and email addresses, you can visit our article on Medicaid Alerts.

See detailed Lists - MICSA Contact List by Program with program directors - December 2013

10 Mar, 2014
New contact list posted for Main NYC Medicaid Offices that moved to Brooklyn in May 2013