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Consumers Whose Active Medicaid Coverage on the NYSOH (Marketplace) Must be Transitioned to WMS Download
2015-01-05 Consumers transitioned from NYSOH to WMS update (HIV SNP).pdf
Consumers who wish to enroll in an HIV SNP must also have their coverage transitioned to WMS.
09 Apr, 2015 53 kb Downloads: 2020
CASA Fact Sheet Download
CASA FAct Sheet 2015.doc
Fact sheet describing what is covered under Housekeeping Services and where CASA offices are located
09 Apr, 2015 30 kb Downloads: 2255
HRA MICSA Alert 2015-03-10 Download
2015-03-10 CORRECTED UPDATE Transition coverage from NYSOH to WMS.pdf
Consumers who have their Medicaid coverage through the New York State of Health (the Marketplace) and who require certain services, must have their case transitioned to WMS (and administered by HRA) in order to receive those services
03 Apr, 2015 145 kb Downloads: 3022
15-03-26 Relocation of HRA Headquarters Download
15-03-26 Relocation of HRA Headquarters.pdf
As of March 2, 2015, the Office of Legal Affairs has moved.

Their new contact information is:

HRA Office of Legal Affairs
150 Greenwich Street, 38th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Fax: (917) 639-0331
03 Apr, 2015 266 kb Downloads: 3918
15-03-26 Relocation of HRA DARB Download
15-03-26 Relocation of HRA DARB.pdf
Effective Monday, March 30, 2015, Excess Income consumers who wish to paytheir Medicaid excess/surplus income to DARB, should be directed to their newaddress stated below:

Division of Accounts Receivable and Billing
Human Resources Administration
150 Greenwich Street, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Day and hours of operations:
Monday- Friday
03 Apr, 2015 276 kb Downloads: 13205
Transition of Long Term Nursing Home Benefit into Medicaid Managed Care Download
2015-04-03 Transition of Long Term Nursing Home Benefit into Medicaid Managed Care.pdf
Update on the transition of long term nursing home benefit into Medicaid Managed Care. : Eligible nursing home
consumers age 21 and over, unless otherwise exempt or excluded, who become permanent placed in a nursing facility are required to enroll in or remain enrolled in a managed care plan to receive this benefit, includes those who are Mainstream Managed Care, Managed Long Term Care Plans, and Fee for Service Plans.
03 Apr, 2015 690 kb Downloads: 13151
Reinstatement of Suspended Medicaid Coverage for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Download
2015-02-20 Reinstatement of Suspended Medicaid Coverage for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals.pdf
Medicaid coverage for individuals who have been been released from 30+ days of incarceration.
03 Apr, 2015 457 kb Downloads: 4500
Automated Newborn Processing on WMS Download
2015-03-10 Automated Newborn Processing on WMS.pdf
Procedure on how to add a newborn to a mother's Medicaid case.
03 Apr, 2015 210 kb Downloads: 2330
Nursing Home Eligibility Division Expedited Renewal Protocol Download
HRA's policy regarding automated renewal for certain institutionalized Medicaid recipients. This alert identifies which nursing home residents are being selected for automated Medicaid renewals.
03 Apr, 2015 200 kb Downloads: 5311
NYC HRA MICSA ALERT 02 03-2015 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from NYS of Health to Local Dept. of Soc. Services Download
2015-02-03 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from the New York State of Health to the Local Department of Social Services.pdf
Procedure for transitioning people from expanded "MAGI" Medicaid generally for people under 65 who do not have Medicare -- when they turn 65 or become enrolled in Medicare, they must transfer to Non-MAGI Medicaid, using a stricter income and resource test. The procedure provides some coverage to fill the gap during the transition. It implements State DOH 14-LCM-02 posted at https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/publications/lcm/14lcm-2.htm (Dec. 2014)
23 Feb, 2015 143 kb Downloads: 3297
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