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Automated Newborn Processing on WMS Download
2015-03-10 Automated Newborn Processing on WMS.pdf
Procedure on how to add a newborn to a mother's Medicaid case.
03 Apr, 2015 210 kb Downloads: 1520
Nursing Home Eligibility Division Expedited Renewal Protocol Download
HRA's policy regarding automated renewal for certain institutionalized Medicaid recipients. This alert identifies which nursing home residents are being selected for automated Medicaid renewals.
03 Apr, 2015 200 kb Downloads: 3725
NYC HRA MICSA ALERT 02 03-2015 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from NYS of Health to Local Dept. of Soc. Services Download
2015-02-03 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from the New York State of Health to the Local Department of Social Services.pdf
Procedure for transitioning people from expanded "MAGI" Medicaid generally for people under 65 who do not have Medicare -- when they turn 65 or become enrolled in Medicare, they must transfer to Non-MAGI Medicaid, using a stricter income and resource test. The procedure provides some coverage to fill the gap during the transition. It implements State DOH 14-LCM-02 posted at https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/publications/lcm/14lcm-2.htm (Dec. 2014)
23 Feb, 2015 143 kb Downloads: 2382
NYC Substitute W-9 Form Download
W9 Form Revised 1-2015.pdf
When seeking reimbursement for home care or medical expenses by Medicaid, the individual who will be reimbursed has to complete this form.
30 Jan, 2015 112 kb Downloads: 4435
HRA MAP Form 3097 Request for Budgeting Recipients with Excess Income Who May Be MAGI Eligible 8-26-2014 Download
2014-08-26 Request for Rebudgeting to MAGI from Spend-Down.pdf
HRA MAP Form 3097 Request for Budgeting Recipients with Excess Income Who May Be MAGI Eligible - Alert and Form in this PDF. FORM dated 8-20-2014
29 Oct, 2014 116 kb Downloads: 2050
NYC HRA MICSA ALERT 09-26-2014 Medicaid Terminated in Error for 2500 NYC SSI Recipients Download
2014-09-26 Incorrect Stenson Notices SSI State Takeover.pdf
Explains 2500 people mistakenly told Medicaid would be cut off - because they failed to return their "Stenson" Medicaid renewal notice. Those notices are sent to FORMER SSI recipients, so that they can recertify to keep Medicaid without it being linked to their SSI, which they have lost. The State recently took over administering the State supplement to the SSI benefit. APparently this glitch resulted from that takeover.
29 Oct, 2014 54 kb Downloads: 1265
Contact List of CASA Offices prepared by NYLAG Download
CASA Contact List 2014 -October.pdf
22 Oct, 2014 107 kb Downloads: 19574
HRA MICSA Alert May 2011 - Expansion of Attestation for DAB Renewals Download
Alert 2011-05-03 DAB Expansion Attestation.pdf
Announces expansion of ability to "attest," rather than verify with documentation, certain eligibility criteria during the annual renewals for Medicaid for "DAB" population - Disabled, Aged 65+, Blind. May attest to income, resources, and change of residency. This includes those receiving Community-Based Long-Term Care Services, which is new.
28 Aug, 2014 97 kb Downloads: 2962
NYC HRA MICSA Medicaid Alert - Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance (CDPAP) & Managed Care (10/26/12) Download
2012-10-26 CDPAP and Managed Care.pdf
Effective Nov. 1, 2012, Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is included in the benefit package for both Mainstream Medicaid Managed Care and Managed Long Term Care. This change affects both people who have Medicaid only and people who have both Medicaid and Medicare ("dual eligibles). See info on CDPAP at http://wnylc.com/health/entry/40/.

(1) Most people STATEWIDE with Medicaid Only (but no Medicare) are already required to enroll in a Mainstream Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) plan. Those plans will now approve, authorize and pay for CDPAP. See http://wnylc.com/health/news/22/

(2) Managed Long Term Care (MLTC)-- See info at http://wnylc.com/health/news/41/.

Since MLTC is now mandatory as of 9/1/2012 in NYC for "dual eligibles" needing personal care, CDPAP recipients in NYC will begin receiving letters giving them 60 days to select an MLTC plan, or they will be auto-assigned to a plan on a random basis. The MLTC plans must contract with CONCEPTS and Chinese-American Planning Council through 10/31/13 so consumers can keep their current aides. See more at http://wnylc.com/health/entry/40/
18 Aug, 2014 117 kb Downloads: 6673
Medicaid Alert: Excess Income (Surplus) Applicants in Need of Managed Long Term Care Download
MLTC change in spend-down coding 7-12-2012.pdf
July 12, 2012
The purpose of this ALERT is to inform Community Based Organizations, Client Representatives, Certified Home Health Agencies and other providers that the Medical Assistance Program is changing the way it processes Medicaid applications for excess income eligible consumers seeking enrollment into a Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan. Consumers seeking MLTC enrollment who are found to only be eligible for the Medicaid Excess Income (Surplus) Program will now have their cases accepted and authorized with “06” (provisional) coverage. This will occur even if their applications are received without bills that cover their excess or surplus.

This new process will allow MLTCplans to see the provisional coverage on ePaces/eMedNY and will facilitate receipt of services for these consumers. Submitters are requested, when appropriate, to prominently indicate on the cover sheet of submitted applications that the consumer intends to enroll into an MLTC plan

Current policy will remain unchanged for all other consumers found eligible for the Excess Income Program.
20 May, 2014 42 kb Downloads: 6472
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