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NYC HRA Medicaid Alert 2017-07-26 Power of Attorney and Statutory Gift Rider Download
2017-07-26 Power of Attorney and Statutory Gifts Rider.pdf
"...[T]he New York Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney (NYSPOA), if executed after Sept. 1, 2009, may only be used to establish a trust, if section (h) of the NYSPOA is initialed and if a Statutory Gifts Rider (SGR) is also signed and witnessed by two persons, who are not named in the SGR as permissible recipients of gifts, at the same time as the referencing NYSPOA."
16 Aug, 2017 74 kb Downloads: 3364
NYC HRA Medicaid Alert 2017-05-11 New Renewal Form for Disabled/Aged/Blind (DAB) Medicaid Download
2017-05-11 Revised DAB Renewal Form and Online Reprints of DAB Renewal.pdf
Announces new mail renewal form and that DAB renewals will be made available for reprint on ACCESS NYC. Users can go to www.nyc.gov/accessnyc. Reminder that renewals must be signed, and updates should be indicated or check "no change."
16 Aug, 2017 755 kb Downloads: 2570
NYC HRA Medicaid Alert 2017-04-26 Change in Medicaid Transportation Contractor in NYC for Medicaid Managed Care and Fee for Service Medicaid Download
2017-04 Medicaid Alert re Transportation for FFS and MMC New Company.pdf
Announces change effective April 23, 2017 from LogistiCare to MAS - Medical Answering Services LLC, the same contractor handling much of upstate NYS.
08 Jun, 2017 192 kb Downloads: 1458
HRA Medicaid Alert Temporary Non-Immigrants 12-15-16 Download
2016-12-15 MA Alert re Temporary Non-Immigrants dated 12-15-16.pdf
17 Jan, 2017 188 kb Downloads: 1633
HRA Medicaid Alert -Immediate Need for Personal Care or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services Download
2016-10-19 Immediate Need for PCS and CDPAP.pdf
Alert dated 10/19/2016 implementing procedures for requesting fast-track approval of Medicaid and personal care or CDPAP for people in Immediate Need of these services. See http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/203/
19 Oct, 2016 220 kb Downloads: 8967
NYC HRA Form HCSP-3052 Immediate Need Transmittal to Home Care Services Program Download
2016-09-23 Immediate Need transmittal Form.pdf
NYC HRA Form for submitting Medicaid application and request for Immediate Need Personal Care Services
See http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/203/
25 Sep, 2016 225 kb Downloads: 4910
HRA MICSA Alert - Changes in Pooled Trust Unit Download
2016-6-7 Pooled Trust Unit Liaison and Contact information.pdf
Organizational change in Pooled Trust Unit at HRA for NON-home care cases. This unit does not process trusts for home care cases. See http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/44/ for those contacts
13 Jun, 2016 131 kb Downloads: 3893
NYC MICSA Alerts 8/31/15 & 5/18/15 re Payment of Surplus Bills or Pay-in by Third Parties Download
2015-08-31 Mailing of Notices to Excess Income Consumers re 3rd party payment of surplus.pdf
Both Alerts in one PDF with accompanying Form MAP-3107A Attestation of Use of Recipient Funds
22 Nov, 2015 506 kb Downloads: 5779
NYC HRA Medicaid MICSA Alert June 3, 2015 - Treatment of Income of Dependents for MAGI-Like Budgeting Download
2015-06-03 Treatment of Income of a Dependent under MAGI-Like Budgeting Rules.pdf
Implements NYS DOH GIS 15 MA-08 which clarified that child dependents' Social Security or other income should not be counted in MAGI-like budgeting, which local districts must do when a person eligible under the MAGI category needs long term car and some other instances, for which eligibility must be processed by the local district rather than the Exchange.
22 Nov, 2015 207 kb Downloads: 1818
NYC HRA MICSA/NHED Submission Protocol - Transition of Nursing Home Benefits into Medicaid Managed Care Download
MICSA-NHED Submission Protocol Transition of NH into MMC-MLTC 10-26-15.pdf
Official training PowerPoint for MLTC and Managed care plans, nursing homes and NYC Medicaid staff on submission of Medicaid applications for nursing home care under new 2015 changes requiring permanent nursing home residents to enroll in or stay in managed care or mLTC plans. October 2015.
22 Nov, 2015 794 kb Downloads: 18357
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