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HRA MICSA Alert on Revisions to Health Insurance App 4220 and Access NY Supplement A July 1 2010.pdf Download
22 Nov, 2010 299 kb Downloads: 4814
HRA MICSA Alert MICSA ALERT New Office 622 W 168 TH Manhattan Sept 11, 2009.pdf Download
22 Nov, 2010 72 kb Downloads: 6406
HRA MICSA Alert New Contact Numbers for MAP Dialysis Unit March 16, 2010.pdf Download
22 Nov, 2010 35 kb Downloads: 1920
HRA MICSA Alert Change of Submission Location for Client Reps Nov 3, 2008.pdf Download
22 Nov, 2010 63 kb Downloads: 1760
HRA MICSA Alert Resource Level Raised to $13,050 6_10_08.pdf Download
22 Nov, 2010 66 kb Downloads: 1762
Elimination of the Face to Face interview for Medicaid/Family Health applicants Download
HRA MICSA Alert Elimination of the Face to Face Interview for Medicaid Family Health Plus applicants April 26, 2010.pdf
08 Nov, 2010 110 kb Downloads: 1680
HRA MICSA Alert June 2010 Certification of Treatment of an Emergency Medical Condition Download
HRA MICSA Alert DOH 4471 Certification of Treatment of an Emergency Medical Condition Replaces MAP 2151June 8 2010.pdf
The purpose of this Medicaid Alert is to inform New York City hospital providers that the MAP-2151 form is being replaced by DOH form 4471. This form is used when a undocumented person applies in a hospital for Medicaid based on an "emergency medical condition".
25 Oct, 2010 318 kb Downloads: 3905
HRA MICSA Alert June 30, 2010 Puerto Rican Certificates Download
HRA MICSA Alert Puerto Rican Birth Certificates June 30 2010.pdf
The purpose of this Medicaid Alert is to inform client representatives, hospitals and other community based organizations that beginning October 1, 2010, Puerto Rican birth certificates issued prior to July 1, 2010 will no longer be able to be used to prove United States citizenship. However, they may continue to be submitted with Medicaid/Family Health Plus applications. Medicaid will do a cross-check with Social Security to verify proof of birth in Puerto Rico. Agencies that work with people born in Puerto Rico are urged to help client's apply for new birth certificates.
25 Oct, 2010 207 kb Downloads: 3277
HRA MICSA alert Download
HRA MICSA Alert on Financial Maintenance Requirements for Medicaid and Family Health Plus July 2 2010.pdf
The purpose of this Medicaid Alert is to inform community based organizations and other providers of the standards used to evaluate how a Medicaid or Family Health Plus recipient meets his financial maintenance requirements. Financial maintenance questions occur when a person has higher monthly living expenses than monthly income. A form is included in the alert that should be filled out and sent to Medicaid to evaluate a person's monthly expense ratio to their income.
25 Oct, 2010 173 kb Downloads: 8985
HRA MICSA Alert August 25, 2010 Download
HRA MICSA Alert Relocation of HCSP, Central Intake and BMPR August 25, 2010_101018125105.pdf
The purpose of this Medicaid Alert is to inform community based organizations of the relocation of the Home Care Services Program (HCSP) Central Intake and Bureau of Medical and Professional Review to 253 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201.
25 Oct, 2010 52 kb Downloads: 5237
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