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New York City Government
Mayor Bloomberg Release 11-04-2012 - Hurricane Sandy Resources Download
Mayor Release 2012-11-04 - 390-12 (Recovery and Assistance).doc
05 Nov, 2012 108 kb Downloads: 122
NYC HRA MICSA Medicaid Alert Dated Nov. 2 - Medicaid Coverage Hurricane Sandy Download
MICSA Hurricane.pdf
The State Department of Health has approved the following list of easements for New York City clients:
 All Medicaid closings in process will be stopped and re-implemented once the crisis is over.
 MedicaidcasesduetoexpireinNovemberorDecember,2012willreceiveanautomatic two month extension.
 No case will be closed for failure to respond to a renewal or other request for information until further notice.
 New applicants will be given an additional 7 days to respond to any request for additional information. This will extend the time to respond to 21 days.

As of Friday, November 2, 2012 all Medicaid Community Offices with the exception of Bellevue, Chinatown and Coney Island are open. Please be reminded, however, that almost all Medicaid actions can be completed by phone or mail. Additionally, most Medicaid consumers can renew their Medicaid coverage on-line at ACCESS NYC.
03 Nov, 2012 130 kb Downloads: 322
Sample End-of-exemption letter requiring managed care enrollment - August 2012 Download
redacted managed care enrollment etter 8-7-12.pdf
Many people who used to be exempt from mandatory enrollment in Medicaid managed care have been receiving notices in summer and fall 2012 telling them that their exemption has ended, and that they now have 30 days to enroll in a managed care plan. This type of managed care is sometimes called "mainstream" managed care and is for Medicaid recipients who do not have Medicare. It is different from mandatory managed long term care, which is being implemented in NYC in October 2012 for dual eligibles -- those who have Medicaid AND Medicare -- who need Medicaid home care. This is a sample notice used in NYC in August 2012.
11 Oct, 2012 438 kb Downloads: 563
HCSP Central Intake Medicaid Unit HRA Download
HCSP Central Medcaid Unit HRA.pdf
This letter is from HRA and it provides information about the process for filing new Medicaid applications for individuals who will be seeking personal care services.
27 Sep, 2012 611 kb Downloads: 711
HRA Long Term Care Options Brochure - Sept. 2012 Download
HRA LTC Options Brochure 9-17-2012.pdf
HRA brochure explaining long term care options after September 2012. Explains what PACE/MLTC/Medicaid Advantage Plus programs/Lombardi/TBi/NHTDW programs are but not much about who must enroll, what their options are.
18 Sep, 2012 79 kb Downloads: 209
HRA Medicaid Alert: Mandatory MLTC Update Sept 2012 Download
Medicaid Alert Mandatory MLTC Update 9-6-2012.pdf
07 Sep, 2012 118 kb Downloads: 1193
HRA MICSA Medicaid Alert - Mandatory Enrollment into Managed Long Term Care Download
HRA Alert Mandatory MLTC.pdf
Dated July 3, 2012
05 Jul, 2012 309 kb Downloads: 946
MAP EIS Will Discontinue Manual Mailing of Medicaid Alerts.pdf
As previously announced, MAP has developed a web-site, MAP Authorized Resource Center (MARC)
to better assist Facilitated Enrollers (FEs), Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Client Representatives,
Community Based Organizations, and providers that assist consumers with Medicaid applications and
renewals. An important feature of this site is the ability to send e-mails to those registered in the site
when new content, such as new Alerts, are posted.

Effective immediately MAP Eligibility Information Services will no longer mail information, such as
Alerts, Community and Advisory Council Meeting schedules. To receive this information, you must
register for MARC. MARC users will be notified via e-mail. This will allow both faster and more cost
effective notifications.
14 Feb, 2012 175 kb Downloads: 588
Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Application - NYC HRA Home Care Services Program Download
M13d - CDPAP Application - Fillable.pdf
From M13d, rev. 4/2010, which a NYC consumer or person directing his/her care must complete and have approved by the CASA in order to enroll in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP).
01 Feb, 2012 103 kb Downloads: 3168
NYC's Memorandum of Law in Opposition to U.S. Motion for Summary Judgment in False Claims Act case re Medicaid Personal Care Download
City Opposition MOL.pdf
Brief filed 8/23/11 in 09 CIv. 8381, USA ex rel Feldman v. City of New York
26 Aug, 2011 237 kb Downloads: 105
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