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Consumer Coalition Proposed Revision - FIDA NOTICE 2 - 90-Day Passive Enrollment Notice (5/30/14) Download
FIDA 90-day (Announcement) Notice - CPRNYDE comments 05-30-14.pdf
On May 22, 2014, DOH provided Consumer advocates with drafts of notices regarding passive enrollment in FIDA to begin fall 2014. This is the Consumer coalition's proposed revision of NOTICE 2 - the 90-day notice to enroll in a FIDA plan or be passively enrolled.
04 Jun, 2014 413 kb Downloads: 1350
Consumer Coalition Proposed Revision - FIDA NOTICE 1 - Announcement Notice (5/30/14) Download
1 - FIDA Program Announcement Notice - CPRNYDE comments 05-30-14.pdf
On May 22, 2014, DOH provided Consumer advocates with drafts of notices regarding passive enrollment in FIDA to begin fall 2014. This is the Consumer coalition's proposed revision of NOTICE 1 - the Announcement notice
04 Jun, 2014 211 kb Downloads: 1950
NYLAG presentation on MLTC & FIDA Updates 5-26-2014 Download
MLTC & FIDA Update 2014.pdf
Presentation to NASW Suffolk Chapter by David Silva at NYLAG
26 May, 2014 2.06 mb Downloads: 1566
Appendix - NYLAG Training - Managed Long Term Care Update April 2014 Download
Appendix FINAL SOFA HIICAP.2.pdf
Appendix materials provided with NYLAG's webinar on April 24, 2014 providing update on status of Mandatory MLTC initiative in New York State.
30 Apr, 2014 1.63 mb Downloads: 6343
NYLAG Training Presentation: Managed Long Term Care: Status in 2014 and Preview of FIDA Download
NYLAG MLTC PowerPoint 4-22-14.pdf
PowerPoint presentation used in NYLAG's webinar on 4/24/14 to HIICAP and others.
24 Apr, 2014 584 kb Downloads: 3570
Consumer Coalition May 2013 Letter on Changes in Proposed Dual Eligible "FIDA" Demonstration Waiver Download
CPRNYDE comments re addendum May 2013.pdf
Coalition to Protect the Rights of NYS Dual Eligibles Comments on State's revised proposal to coordinate Medicare and Medicaid services for dual eligibles, letter dated May 19, 2013. Issues include enrollment of nursing home residents and protections; objections to "passive enrollment" -- auto-assignment of people who don't voluntarily enroll; and incentives for plans to provide long term care services in the community rather than institutions.
18 Mar, 2014 88 kb Downloads: 1431
NYLAG Support of NY Assembly Bill A4996 - Correcting Violations of Due Process Appeal RIghts in Managed Care Download
A4996 Gottfried MLTC Appeals Bill NYLAG 2014 FINAL.pdf
This bill would correct two due process violations: (1) The lack of "aid continuing" pending an appeal when a managed care plan reduces or terminates home care or other services -- if the "authorization period" for the services has expired, there is a right to appeal but no right to aid continuing. This provides that aid continuing must be given regardless of whether the authorization period has expired. (2) In Managed long term care, consumers must "exhaust" internal appeals before requesting a hearing. This is not required in mainstream managed care, and results in dismissal of many valid appeals because consumers don't know that they must pursue this interim internal appeal.
18 Mar, 2014 202 kb Downloads: 1556
Consumer Advocacates Letter to DOH & CMS 3-14-14 - Asking for Delay on Managed Care Expansion to Nursing Home Population Download
NH Carve in Consumer Concerns 3-14-14.2.pdf
14 Mar, 2014 544 kb Downloads: 2029
NYS Bar Association Elder Law Section Letter to NYC HRA Dec. 17 2013 - Spousal Impoverishment Allowances Illegally Denied Download
NYCHRA_NYSBA_Letter spousal budgeting 2013-12-17 REDACTED.pdf
Letter to HRA to cease the unlawful practice of denying this impoverishment income allowance to community spouses who did a spousal refusal. HRA responded and corrected its policy, provided spouse provides complete information regarding income and resources. For links to these documents and to the letters from the NYSBA and HRA, see http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/96/
04 Mar, 2014 178 kb Downloads: 3524
Medicaid Reimbursement for Home Care Expenses Download
Medicaid Homecare Reimbursement.pdf
Practical Guide on getting Medicaid to reimburse for home care expenses incurred during the 3-month retroactive period, and during the pendency of the application, in New York City. Includes citations to pertinent case law and regulations.
03 Mar, 2014 319 kb Downloads: 14104
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