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Currency Conversion Worksheet for Holocaust Reparations Download
Reparation worksheet.xls (01-2021).xlsx
Use this worksheet to convert lifetime total amount received in Holocaust reparations / restitution from foreign currencies (Deutschmarks and Euros) into U.S. Dollars. This is for purposes of taking advantage of the exemption of saved reparations payments from the resource test for Federally-funded means-tested benefits, like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Updated through Dec. 2020
12 Jan, 2021 152 kb Downloads: 6000
Fact Sheet & Form for Keeping SSI for 90 Days in Temporary Hospital or Nursing Home Placement Download
SSI Temporary Institutional Stay Fact Sheet and Form 2021.pdf
This fact sheet explains requirements for maintaining SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for up to 90 days during a temporary hospital or nursing home stay. The PDF also includes a form for requesting continuation of SSI benefits, which must be filed with the Social Security Administration within strict timelines. NYS SSA office contacts also listed. Note that if SSI benefits are terminated, Medicaid will also be terminated, after "Stenson" notices are mailed giving the recipient an opportunity to recertify for Medicaid without SSI. See http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/85/
12 Jan, 2021 360 kb Downloads: 9363
Know your Rights: Tips for Requesting New or Increased Services from a Medicaid Managed Care or MLTC Plan Download
Requesting Services from an MCO 2021.pdf
Fact Sheet prepared by the NYLAG Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program explaining tips on how to request new or increased services from a Medicaid managed care or MLTC plan, including the timeline in which the plan must process the increase. If the request is denied, see separate Fact sheet on appealing denials. http://www.wnylc.com/health/download/654/
12 Jan, 2021 360 kb Downloads: 756
NYLAG Comments on Proposed Changes in 1115 Waiver - ADL Limits for MLTC and Staying in Medicaid Managed Care when Enroll in Medicare Download
NYLAG CMS comments 1115 Waiver NYS 12-24-20.pdf
NYS DOH has requested that CMS change the 1115 waiver that governs MLTC and managed care in 2 ways. (1) Restrict enrollment in MLTC to those meeting new 2- or 3- ADL requirement enacted in State budget in April 2020; (2) Keep people in mainstream Medicaid managed care plans when they start getting Medicare, if they are enrolled in a Dual-Special Needs Plan. They could opt out but otherwise would automatically stay in managed care. See waiver request at https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USCMSMEDICAID/bulletins/2aea7cd. NYLAG comments posted here
24 Dec, 2020 1012 kb Downloads: 64
NYLAG Comments on Medicaid State Plan Amendment to Implement the ADL Restrictions on Eligibility for Personal Care & CDPAP Download
Comments filed by NYLAG dated Oct. 29, 2020 on the proposed Medicaid State Plan Amendment (SPA) that would restrict elgibility for personal care and CDPAP services to require 2 or 3 ADL needs. The proposed SPA No. 20-41 was posted September 29, 2020 and is available at https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/state_plans/status/ltcare/original/docs/os_2020-09-29_spa_20-41.pdf.
24 Dec, 2020 841 kb Downloads: 46
Know Your Rights: Is Your MLTC Plan Closing? Know Your Rights - Dec. 2020 Download
MLTC Plan Closings (2021).pdf
Fact Sheet by NYLAG Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program explaining the "transition rights" of MLTC members when their MLTC plan closes.
10 Dec, 2020 1007 kb Downloads: 159
NYLAG Comments on Proposed Federal "Sunset" Rule That Would Repeal Thousands of Medicaid Regulations Download
NYLAG Comments - Sunset NPRM (12-4-20 VB).pdf
The US Dept. of Health & Human Services (HHS) has proposed a "sunset regulation" that would retroactively impose a mandatory expiration date on an estimated 18,000 duly promulgated regulations for programs ranging from Medicaid and Medicare to the FDA and CDC. NYLAG submitted comments on these rules.
04 Dec, 2020 329 kb Downloads: 88
Pre-Paying for Burial – Tip for Qualifying for Medicaid despite “Excess Resources” Download
Funeral Agreement Fact Sheet revised 2020-10-28.pdf
This advocacy memo from NYLAG explains the rules regarding treatment of pre-paid funeral agreements for burial arrangements for Medicaid eligibility for people age 65+, blind, or disabled.
28 Oct, 2020 1000 kb Downloads: 166997
Training Presentation on 2021 Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Download
NYLAG PowerPoint presentation explaining the Medicare Part D program, with changes for the 2021 calendar year. The annual enrollment period for 2021 began Oct. 15, 20 and goes thru Dec. 7, 2020.
19 Oct, 2020 594 kb Downloads: 316
Medicare Special Needs Plans - NYS 2021 Download
2021 NYS Special Needs Plan Landscape with insulin.xls
Medicare Special Needs Plans - NYS 2021 - lists compiled from CMS lists. Includes plans in new federal program to cover insulinat $35 per month supply.
05 Oct, 2020 466 kb Downloads: 209
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