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NYLAG Comments on Proposed Changes to State Regulations for Medicaid Managed Care Appeals and Fair Hearings Download
Final Comments to Proposed Regulations Managed Care Fair Hearing 09.8.2020.pdf
NYLAG Comments filed on Sept. 8, 2020 on Proposed Changes to State Regulations for Medicaid Managed Care Appeals and Fair Hearings. The proposed amendments implement the "exhaustion" requirements implemented in NYS in 2018, implementing federal changes adopted in 2016.
23 Sep, 2020 511 kb Downloads: 28
NYLAG COMMENTS on Proposed Home Care Changes - Eligibility and Assessment Procedures Download
NYLAG COMMENTS on Proposed Regulations implementing the Medicaid Home Care Changes - Eligibility and Assessment Procedures enacted in the 2020-21 NYS Budget. The proposed regulations are posted here - https://regs.health.ny.gov/sites/default/files/proposed-regulations/Personal%20Care%20Services%20and%20Consumer%20Directed%20Personal%20Assistance%20Program.pdf
09 Sep, 2020 1.07 mb Downloads: 89
NYLAG Comments on Proposed Changes in 1115 Waiver Governing MLTC to Impose "LOOKBACK" for Communiity Based Long Term Care Download
NYLAG comments 1115 Waiver Lookback 9-9-20 FINAL.pdf
NYLAG Comments on Proposed Changes in 1115 Waiver Governing MLTC to Impose "LOOKBACK" for Communiity Based Long Term Care. The waiver document is posted here https://health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/redesign/mrt2/proposals/mltc_elig_vol_enroll_duals.htm
09 Sep, 2020 652 kb Downloads: 161
PowerPoint on NYS Medicaid Changes Coming in 2020-21 - Lookback, Restricted Home Care Eligibility & New Assessment Procedures Download
NYLAG Presentation - NYS Budget Changes - Medicaid FY 2020-21.pdf
Webinar presentation by Valerie Bogart, EFLRP, NYLAG, presented on Sept. 9, 2020 on upcoming changes in Medicaid - a new lookback for community based long term care services, new ADL requirements on eligibiliity for personal care and CDPAP, and new assessments for all home care in MLTC, managed care and local Medicaid offices
09 Sep, 2020 534 kb Downloads: 561
Letters Asking Governor & State DOH to Halt Disenrollment from MLTC Plans for Nursing Home members until Pandemic Over Download
2020-07-02 Consumer LT GOV NH Disenrollment FINAL.pdf
Letter of 7/2/20 to Gov. Cuomo and letter dated June 29, 2020 to DOH from NYLAG, Legal Aid Society, CIDNY, Empire Justice Center & other organizations demanding the state halt disenrollment of almost 20,000 MLTC members from their MLTC plans because they have been in nursing homes for more than 3 months. With visitors banned from nursing homes, they'll have no help to appeal - and many will be forced to stay in the nursing homes, at risk of exposure to COVID.
12 Jul, 2020 1.37 mb Downloads: 393
Know Your Rights -- If an MLTC Plan Asks You to Reduce Your Hours Because of COVID-19 - You Can Say No Download
Voluntary Plan of Care change Fact Sheet (FINAL NYLAG 5-18-20).pdf
Fact Sheet for consumers that explains rights of MLTC members in light of a State directive to plans that allows members to "pause" their home care during Covid-19. The directive - at https://health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/covid19/docs/2020-04-23_guide_volplanofcare.pdf -- can be helpful for consumers who want to reduce their hours during this emergency, but if you do not want to change your hours, you can keep them as is.
18 May, 2020 366 kb Downloads: 640
Using an SNT to eliminate the Medicaid spend-down Download
SNT Short Updated for Garcia v. Banks (VB).pdf
How to get Medicaid despite having "excess income" - Using a Supplemental Needs Trust to Eliminate the Spend-down for Persons who are Elderly (65+), Blind or Disabled. Written by New York Legal Assistance Group (originally from Selfhelp Community Services) updated January 2020
04 May, 2020 1.16 mb Downloads: 142342
NYS 2020-21 Medicaid Cuts - PowerPoint on changes enacted in State Budget April 2020 (updated 4/29/20) Download
2020 Budget PowerPoint WSIACA.4.pdf
Presentation by NYLAG-EFLRP for the West Side Interagency Council on Aging on April 23, 2020 describing the new Lookback requirement for home care and the changes in the Personal Care and CDPAP benefit. View the recorded webinar at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua80qZH7MG0&feature=youtu.be. Slides 10-11 updated to show no lookback for TBI, NHTDW, & OPWDD waivers.
29 Apr, 2020 240 kb Downloads: 1141
NYLAG, MFJ & NYAIL Letter to DOH 4-13-20 re Economic Stimulus Payments for Nursing Home & Adult Home residents Download
Advocacy Ltr to DOH re economic impact payments for NH and Adult Home residents.pdf
Letter dated April 13, 2020 requesting that DOH issue guidance to Nursing Home, Adult Home & ALP administrators that the Economic Stimulus payments are exempt from being counted for Medicaid, and must be protected for the residents.
14 Apr, 2020 296 kb Downloads: 405
NYLAG, Empire Justice Center & Bronx Legal Serv Letter to DOH re MLTC/ Home Care Protections re Covid-19 0 4/1/2020 Download
Letter from Advocates to NYS Dept. of Health requesting clarification of various policies issued re Covid-19 and for protections for Medicaid home care applicants and recipients in MLTC, mainstream managed care plans and other home care programs.
03 Apr, 2020 432 kb Downloads: 622
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