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Final NYS DOH Policy on FIDA Inter-Disciplinary Teams (IDT) (June 5, 2014) Download
FINAL IDT Policy 6514.pdf
Final NYS DOH Policy on FIDA Inter-Disciplinary Teams (IDT) (June 5, 2014)
25 Jul, 2014 521 kb Downloads: 1596
NYS DOH FAQ on FIDA Enrollment, June 20, 2014 Download
FIDA Enrollment FAQ 062014.pdf
NYS DOH FAQ on FIDA Enrollment, June 20, 2014
25 Jul, 2014 172 kb Downloads: 5859
DOH FIDA draft "announcement Notice (Notice 1 of 4) Download
1 - FIDA Program Announcement Notice - 5 21 14.pdf
DOH provided Consumer advocates with drafts of notices regarding passive enrollment in FIDA to begin fall 2014.
04 Jun, 2014 132 kb Downloads: 968
NYS OHIP-0026 (11/10) - Explanation of the Excess Income Program Download
OHIO-0026 Explanation of Excess Income Program 11-2010.pdf
Revised Explanation of the Excess Income or Spend-down Program by NYS DOH
15 Apr, 2014 20 kb Downloads: 7345
NYS Dept. of Health Policy - Jan. 2014 - Transition of Nursing Benefit & Population into Managed Care Download
OHIP Guidance - Transition of NH Benefit & Population into Managed Care.pdf
State policy implementing expansion of mandatory enrollment of people needing permanent nursing home coverage into managed care and Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans. Mandate is to start April 1, 2014, subject to CMS approval not yet given as of March 13, 2014.
13 Mar, 2014 2.58 mb Downloads: 868
Form Letter to NYC Home Attendant/Personal Care Recipients - Mandatory Enrollment in MLTC Download
LA-MLTC-Notice Sample with Envelope.pdf
letter being sent starting July 2012 to all NYC Medicaid personal care recipients, unless exempt from mandatory MLTC enrollment. Sent in rolling schedule - see article
07 Jan, 2014 178 kb Downloads: 5887
NYS Fair Hearing Decision, Rockland County, 9/19/07 re Reparations Payments from Germany Download
hearing decision No 4433606Z revised September 19, 2007 that clarifies proof needed to exempt accumulated savings when a Nazi victim applies for Medicaid. This decision is also described in this press release.
07 Jan, 2014 992 kb Downloads: 2630
MICSA Alert 12-24-13 Important Changes in Medicaid Application Submission-MAGI and Non-MAGI Download
2013-12-24 Important Changes in Medicaid Application Submissions-MAGI and Non-MAGI.pdf
MICSA Alert 12-24-13 explaining application procedures for MAGI and Non-MAGI Medicaid recipients.
03 Jan, 2014 93 kb Downloads: 7114
MICSA Alert 12-24-13 Substantial Home Equity (Nursing Home and Community-Based LTC) Download
2013-12-20 Substantial Home Equity (NH and CBLTC).pdf
MICSA Alert 12-24-13 explaining the substantial home equity limits for Medicaid eligibility.
03 Jan, 2014 109 kb Downloads: 2000
HRA MICSA Alert 12-13-13 Public Transportation Reimbursement Change Download
2013-12-13 Public Transportation Reimbursment Change.pdf
HRA MICSA Alert 12-13-13 explains new procedure from public transportation reimbursement.
03 Jan, 2014 117 kb Downloads: 2324
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