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Financial Eligibility
MAP-931 Explanation of Excess Income Program Download
MAP-931 Explanation of Excess Income Program.pdf
HRA Explanation of the Excess Income or "spend-down" or "surplus income" program. Note this is an HRA publication and advocates may disagree with interpretation of rules. See Selfhelp advocacy materials posted on this site.
13 Sep, 2010 129 kb Downloads: 5807
MAP-931A Explanation of Medicaid Pay-In Program Download
MAP-931A Optional Pay-In Program.pdf
NYC HRA Explanation of Medicaid Pay-In Program for Spend-down
13 Sep, 2010 139 kb Downloads: 6491
MAP-931B Agreement to Participate in Pay-In Program Download
MAP-931B Agreement to Participate in Pay-In Program.pdf
HRA Form for enrolling in Pay-In Program for Spend-down
13 Sep, 2010 84 kb Downloads: 4381
Medicaid Spend-Down Training Outline Download
Comprehensive outline published by Selfhelp, covering the many strategies for obtaining Medicaid coverage in New York through the Excess Income Program. Updated 5/29/09.
19 Jul, 2010 279 kb Downloads: 179951
New York Medicaid Spend-down Consumer Workgroup - Report on Spend-Down Program Download
Spend-down Consumer Workgroup Report.pdf
A response by consumers to the May 2009 report of the New York Health Foundation, "Streamlining New York’s Medicaid Excess Income Program."
11 Jun, 2010 186 kb Downloads: 4357
Update: Ghetto Pensions and Medicaid Download
How the Ghetto Pension (ZRBG) affects Medicaid eligibility and eligibility for other federally funded payments
01 Feb, 2010 342 kb Downloads: 4931
Training Outline: Medicaid Provisions in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 Download
Detailed training outline for advocates, published by Selfhelp, regarding the changes to Medicaid eligibility wrought by the DRA. Includes changes to the transfer penalty rules, look-back period, strategies to avoid a transfer penalty, the new home equity cap, and the treatment of annuities and promissory notes. Revised to include 2010 penalty rates January 15, 2010.
15 Jan, 2010 533 kb Downloads: 39405
Keeping Income to Maintain a Home while in a Nursing Home Download
This article explains the rules allowing a new nursing home resident to maintain the community Medicaid allowance, rather than only $50/month, to pay rent or other expenses, if they have a reasonable expectation to return home.
21 Dec, 2009 268 kb Downloads: 3819
Sample Notice of Decision for Person Newly Determined to Have a Spend-Down Download
Sample Notice (transitioning into Spend Down).pdf
This notice is sent to an individual who previously received Medicaid with no spend-down, but now has a spend-down. The notice ostensibly "discontinues" Medicaid unless proof of medical expenses that equal the spend-down are submitted.
22 Sep, 2009 86 kb Downloads: 3463
Basic Medicaid Eligibility for People Age 65+, Disabled, or Blind (SPANISH) Download
Medicaid Basic - 2009 Spanish.doc
Medicaid financial eligibility rules for DAB population and how to apply for home care in NYC
02 Jul, 2009 165 kb Downloads: 2467
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