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Financial Eligibility
Nursing Home Eligibility Division Expedited Renewal Protocol Download
HRA's policy regarding automated renewal for certain institutionalized Medicaid recipients. This alert identifies which nursing home residents are being selected for automated Medicaid renewals.
03 Apr, 2015 200 kb Downloads: 3438
NYC HRA MICSA ALERT 02 03-2015 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from NYS of Health to Local Dept. of Soc. Services Download
2015-02-03 Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from the New York State of Health to the Local Department of Social Services.pdf
Procedure for transitioning people from expanded "MAGI" Medicaid generally for people under 65 who do not have Medicare -- when they turn 65 or become enrolled in Medicare, they must transfer to Non-MAGI Medicaid, using a stricter income and resource test. The procedure provides some coverage to fill the gap during the transition. It implements State DOH 14-LCM-02 posted at https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/publications/lcm/14lcm-2.htm (Dec. 2014)
23 Feb, 2015 143 kb Downloads: 2207
NYLAG Testimony on 2015-16 Proposed State Budget - Medicaid and Health Care Download
NYLAG Health statement 2015.pdf
Testimony by NYLAG on 2015-16 Proposed State Budget - Medicaid and Health Care. Opposes repeal of Spousal Refusal (and Parental Refusal) and repeal of a provision that requires expedited "immediate need Medicaid" services pending a final decision on a Medicaid application, where personal care or other services are urgently needed and the application is likely to be approved.
12 Feb, 2015 541 kb Downloads: 749
Sample of a "WEP" Windfall Offset Notice for Social Security Download
WEP NOTICE reduction.pdf
Sample of a Social Security notice reducing the Social Security Retirement benefit because of a Ghetto pension received from Germany.
16 Dec, 2014 263 kb Downloads: 1621
Sample Restitution Worksheet - Completed Download
Sample worksheetCCCORRECT2.xls
Sample of Restitution Worksheet with entries for German restitution historically received.
16 Dec, 2014 521 kb Downloads: 887
Form Letter to Notify the SSA or Medicaid Office About Ghetto Pension Download
Notice to SSA and Medicaid of Ghetto Pension.pdf
Form Letter developed by NYLAG to notify the Social Security Administration or Medicaid office about the Ghetto Pension, with attached section of SSA POMS Procedures Manual that was amended in 2014, specifically stating that the Ghetto Pension is exempt from income and resources, and explaining how to determine if a particular award from Germany is a Ghetto Pension.
16 Dec, 2014 394 kb Downloads: 2446
HRA MAP Form 3097 Request for Budgeting Recipients with Excess Income Who May Be MAGI Eligible 8-26-2014 Download
2014-08-26 Request for Rebudgeting to MAGI from Spend-Down.pdf
HRA MAP Form 3097 Request for Budgeting Recipients with Excess Income Who May Be MAGI Eligible - Alert and Form in this PDF. FORM dated 8-20-2014
29 Oct, 2014 116 kb Downloads: 1878
Contact List of CASA Offices prepared by NYLAG Download
CASA Contact List 2014 -October.pdf
22 Oct, 2014 107 kb Downloads: 18399
NYS Medicaid Form LDSS-4346 Institutionalized Spouse Budgeting Worksheet (1995) Download
LDSS-4346 Institutionalized Spouse Budget Worksheet 1995.pdf
1995 version of State form used to budget the spousal impoverishment income allowance in institutional budgeting and waiver budgeting. THis 1995 version is the only one we could find. IF you have a more recent version please email it to vbogart@nylag.org
18 Aug, 2014 67 kb Downloads: 2877
NYLAG PowerPoint on MAGI Budgeting Download
NYLAG ACA Part 2 - MAGI.ppt
Training outline on Affordable Care Act - the new Medicaid budgeting for MAGI.
24 Jun, 2014 2.72 mb Downloads: 8241
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