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Financial Eligibility
Currency Conversion Worksheet for Holocaust Reparations Download
Reparation worksheet.xls (05-2022).xlsx
Use this worksheet to convert lifetime total amount received in Holocaust reparations / restitution from foreign currencies (Deutschmarks and Euros) into U.S. Dollars. This is for purposes of taking advantage of the exemption of saved reparations payments from the resource test for Federally-funded means-tested benefits, like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Updated through Feb. 2022
01 Jun, 2022 146 kb Downloads: 7013
NYC Medicaid Alert 5-31-2022 - Change in Submissions to HRA for Disability Determination for Pooled Trusts & MBI-WPD Download
2022-05-31 MBI WPD and Pooled Trust Disability Referrals to SDRT.pdf
Eff. June 1, 2022, submissions to HRA to approve a Pooled Trust or MBI-WPD no longer need to include the disability forms (DOH-5141, DOH-5143, Authorization MAO-751e, AIDS report form MAP 252F. Instead, once the pooled trust is filed with HRA, HRA will route it to NYS DOH Disabilitiy Review Team, which will then request MAP 3177 Disability Determination Request fromthe consumer. Unclear if other documentation will be required but likely - stay tuned look for updates at http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/44/
31 May, 2022 151 kb Downloads: 340
2022-05-09 Medicaid Program Modifications COVID-19 Emergency Download
2022-05-09 COVID NYS Medicaid Program Modifications.pdf
Medicaid program COVID-19 easements
10 May, 2022 266 kb Downloads: 9278
NYLAG Health Priorities for NYS Budget 2022-23 Download
2022 NYLAG Legislative Agenda HEALTH 3-26-22.pdf
NYLAG Health Priorities for NYS Budget 2022-23 - including expansion of the Medicaid financial limits for age 65 and disabled, and Medicare Savings Program expansion, and more
29 Mar, 2022 658 kb Downloads: 200
Disabled Adult Child Medicaid Extensions/Continuations Download
DAC -Pickle- 1619B Chart (OCRed).pdf
This chart discusses the Medicaid Extensions/Continuations for certain special cases of SSI recipients once their SSI has been terminated. Specifically, it compares the eligibility criteria, resource/income levels, residential program requirements, spendown/NAMI contributions, reinstatement, and Medicare Buy-IN eligibility for the following groups:
A. 1619B
B. Pickle
22 Mar, 2022 103 kb Downloads: 6516
Medicaid income and resource levels - 2022 (3-16-22) Download
mapdr-01 2022 nys income and resource standards and federal poverty levels (fpl) (3-16-2022).pdf
NYC HRA MAPDR-01 (3-16-2022) -- 2022 NYS Income and Resource Standards
16 Mar, 2022 267 kb Downloads: 428179
NYS Medicaid Income and Resource Levels for Past Years - 2001 - 2021 Download
Income and Resource levels for Medicaid and other public health programs in NYS for 2001 - 2021. Includes Medicare Savings Programs, Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, Spousal Impoverishment levels, MBI-WPD, etc.
10 Mar, 2022 3.26 mb Downloads: 297038
2022-02-04 Changes to the LDSS-3183 Provider or MLTC Plan and Recipient Letter Download
2022-02-04 Changes to LDSS-3183 Provider or MLTC Plan & Recipient Letter.pdf
A Medicaid Recipient who submits medical bills from a Provider to meet the spenddown will receive an OHIP-3183 “Provider/Recipient Letter” indicating which medical expenses are the responsibility of the Recipient (and which the Provider should not bill to Medicaid). When the Recipient is enrolled with a Managed Long Term Care Plan (MLTC), the Recipient and the MLTC will receive an OHIP-0128 “MLTC/Recipient Letter” indicating the amount that the Recipient owes to the MLTC (after deducting the medical expenses/bills from the spenddown). These forms replace the LDSS-3183 form.
17 Feb, 2022 810 kb Downloads: 588
Webinar on NYS Medicaid Home Care Changes in 2022 - by NYLAG Evelyn Frank Program - Jan. 26, 2021 Download
Medicaid Home Care CLE Webinar Jan. 26-2022.pdf
PowerPoint describes the changes in Medicaid Home Care that started being rolled out Nov. 8, 2021. This PowerPoint developed before DOH launched website about Independent Assessor that starts March 1, 2022, so does not include that info posted at https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/redesign/nyia/. Check for more updates at http://www.wnylc.com/health/news/85/. Webinar recording will also be posted. Proposed expansion of financial eligibility for age 65+, disabled, and blind is also discussed.
31 Jan, 2022 2.23 mb Downloads: 680
Basic Eligibility for Medicaid and Home Care in NYS - Age 65+, Disabled, Blind Download
Medicaid Basic - 2022 - FINAL.pdf
This is basic general information about applying for Community Medicaid in order to receive home care (personal care or consumer-directed personal assistance) through Managed Long Term Care or based on Immediate Need through the local Medicaid program. To receive Medicaid home care, you must be both financially and medically eligible. This explains the rules on financial eligibility for the Disabled, Aged 65+, and Blind (DAB) category and gives info on how to apply (updated for 2022 Jan. 28, 2022).
28 Jan, 2022 316 kb Downloads: 178520
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