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Letter Asking State DOH to Halt Disenrollment from MLTC Plans for Nursing Home members until Pandemic Over Download
2020-06-29 Consumer LT DOH NH Disenrollment.pdf
Letter dated June 29, 2020 from NYLAG, Legal Aid Society, CIDNY, Empire Justice Center & other organizations demanding the state halt disenrollment of almost 20,000 MLTC members from their MLTC plans because they have been in nursing homes for more than 3 months. With visitors banned from nursing homes, they'll have no help to appeal - and many will be forced to stay in the nursing homes, at risk of exposure to COVID.
02 Jul, 2020 794 kb Downloads: 2
NYSDOH Dear Administrator Letter to Nursing Homes 6-11-2020 re Disenrollment from MLTC of Nursing Home Residents Download
DAL Updated NHBL 6.11.20.pdf
NYSDOH Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) to Nursing Homes 6/11/2020 revising the one issued 1-21-2020 (posted at http://www.wnylc.com/health/download/718). DAL advising them that residents who are members of MLTC plans will be disenrolled after 3 months in NY. The letter should eventually be posted with other DAL letters here - https://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/nursing_home_administrator/letters.htm#dal. See discussion in this article http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/199/
28 Jun, 2020 181 kb Downloads: 48
2020-06-22 NYS Medicaid Program Modifications COVID-19 Emergency Download
2020-06-22 NYS Medicaid program Modifications COVID-19 Emergency.pdf
23 Jun, 2020 253 kb Downloads: 97
2020-05-28 Defective Renewal Notices During COVID-19 Emergency Download
2020-05-28 Defective Renewal Notices.pdf
HRA Alert about notices sent in error to 30,000+ Medicaid recipients in NYC discontinuing Medicaid. The alert has the language of the correction notices that the consumers will receive.
31 May, 2020 78 kb Downloads: 362
2020-05-27 Updated Fax Submissions to MICSA and HCSP Download
2020-05-27 Fax Submissions to MICSA & HCSP.pdf
updates earlier fax lists (5/4/20) - allowing submission of applications and other documents by fax during COVID-19 emergency
29 May, 2020 46 kb Downloads: 418
Most downloaded
Medicaid income and resource levels - 2020 Download
2020 HRA chart medicaid 2019-12-31.pdf
2020 NYS Income and Resource Standards and Federal Poverty Levels (FPL)
Dated 12-31-2019
26 Feb, 2020 232 kb Downloads: 409721
NYS Medicaid Income and Resource Levels for Past Years - 2001 - 2019 Download
Income and Resource levels for Medicaid and other public health programs in NYS for 2001 - 2019. Includes Medicare Savings Programs, Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, Spousal Impoverishment levels, MBI-WPD, etc.
19 May, 2020 3.71 mb Downloads: 288058
Medicaid Eligibility in 2014 Download
Understanding MAGI & the Marketplace.pdf
Training provides framework for understanding the changes to Medicaid effective 2014, including: new categories, new income levels, new budgeting and new benefits.
15 Nov, 2013 1.56 mb Downloads: 268943
Directory of MICSA (NYC Medicaid) Contacts - August 2013 Download
MICSA Directory (08-06-13).pdf
NYC Medicaid office moved from 330 West 34th Street to 785 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238 in May 2013. Contact numbers at that office listed in this document.
15 Aug, 2013 3.07 mb Downloads: 201076
Supplemental Needs Trusts Outline for Advocates - Including Impact on Various Benefits of Transfers of Lump Sums into SNT's Download
NYLAG SNT Outline 1-13-19 FINAL.pdf
Training Outline for Advocates on Supplemental Needs Trusts (SNTs) (including individual and pooled), and the affect of SNTs on various public benefit programs. (updated 1-9-2019). Update includes new section on Veteran's Pension benefits, expanded information on Temporary/Public cash assistance and HASA, 2018 changes in the SSA POMS regarding expenses SNT's may pay; ABLE accounts as alternative to SNTs and updated section on Public Housing and Section 8 and SNTs.
13 Jan, 2019 1.47 mb Downloads: 199076

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