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LDSS-1151.1 Disability Interview Continuation Sheet Download
LDSS-1151.1 Continuation Sheet 2012.pdf
08 Aug, 2018 17 kb Downloads: 27
Medicaic Household Size Chart for Aged, Blind and Disabled Individuals ("SSI-Related") Download
Updated 2018
19 Jul, 2018 100 kb Downloads: 35226
NYC HRA MICSA Alert 4/26/18 -Disability Form Completion when Submitting Pooled Trusts Download
2018-04-26 Disability Form completion for Pooled Trust Submission.pdf
Reminder to Submit Completed LDSS-1151 with work history to Approve Pooled Trust - for people age 65+. This Alert is unclear re whether must include history even if no work done in last 15 years. It says don't need to explain physical requirements of job unless done in last 15 years, but unclear if must still list jobs done more than 15 years ago.
12 Jul, 2018 148 kb Downloads: 101
ICS Letter to Member Council, June 22, 2018 regarding possible plan closure Download
ICS LET-6-22.jpg
Memo dated June 22, 2018 to Member Council of Independence Care Systems stating that closure of ICS MLTC plan would likely be announced in early fall, 2018, and that members would receive 90 days notice to choose another plan, or they would be assigned to VNS Choice. The memo states, "Members will be guaranteed the same level of care (continuity of care) for at least 120 days or until a new assessment is done." The memo states, "It is in each ICS member's best interest to stay at ICS until notification comes from DOH because the extended continuity of care will only be offered to people at ICS at the time of notification."
09 Jul, 2018 377 kb Downloads: 177
NYC HRA MICSA Alert July 3, 2018 Transition of Rosenberg Cases to NYSofHealth from HRA for SIngles-Childless Couples Download
2018-07-03 Transition of Rosenberg Determ's for MAGI S-CC to NYSofHealth.pdf
The "Rosenberg" procedure is used when public assistance cash benefits are terminated, to allow the individual to recertify and maintain Medicaid without disruption if they are still eligible. See http://www.wnylc.com/health/entry/85/. Initially this change applies to Singles and Childless Couples, and not to anyone in an MLTC plan or HARP plan. They will receive a letter from HRA telling them they must renew their Medicaid online on NYS of Health. The Alert includes the form letter.
08 Jul, 2018 94 kb Downloads: 75
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Medicaid income and resource levels - 2018 Download
2018 Income and Resource Levels (March 2018 with 2018 FPL).pdf
2018 NYS Income and Resource Standards and Federal Poverty Levels (FPL)
Dated 3-20-2018 with 2018 Federal Poverty Levels for MAGI limits, MBI-WPD, MSP, etc.
24 Mar, 2018 91 kb Downloads: 336541
Medicaid Eligibility in 2014 Download
Understanding MAGI & the Marketplace.pdf
Training provides framework for understanding the changes to Medicaid effective 2014, including: new categories, new income levels, new budgeting and new benefits.
15 Nov, 2013 1.56 mb Downloads: 265757
NYS Medicaid Income and Resource Levels for Past Years - 2001 - 2017 Download
Income and Resource levels for Medicaid and other public health programs in NYS for 2001 - 2017. Includes Medicare Savings Programs, Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, Spousal Impoverishment levels, MBI-WPD, etc.
03 Jan, 2018 3.14 mb Downloads: 265225
Directory of MICSA (NYC Medicaid) Contacts - August 2013 Download
MICSA Directory (08-06-13).pdf
NYC Medicaid office moved from 330 West 34th Street to 785 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238 in May 2013. Contact numbers at that office listed in this document.
15 Aug, 2013 3.07 mb Downloads: 196707
Medicaid Spend-Down Training Outline Download
Comprehensive outline published by Selfhelp, covering the many strategies for obtaining Medicaid coverage in New York through the Excess Income Program. Updated 5/29/09.
19 Jul, 2010 279 kb Downloads: 176340

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