ADA Accommodations for Disabled Users of New York Courts


From Nancy S. Erickson,

Information about ADA accommodations for users of the courts in New York who  are disabled are not located on one website and are not easily located. This  makes it difficult for even a non-disabled individual to locate such  information. Here are a few of the websites:

Additionally, each individual court’s website should have a listing of that  court’s ADA Liaison, but that is not always the case (in fact, it may never be  the case – I haven’t checked all courts’ websites). The liaisons are listed at:

Credit for this resource is also due to:

Dr. Karin Huffer
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Equal Access Advocates

Karin had the brilliant idea that just as people who are blind, deaf, or in  wheelchairs may need advocates to get accommodations for them in courts under  the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with PTSD and other psychiatric  disorders may also need advocates to get appropriate accommodations for them in  court. She trains people to be ADA advocates and also works as an ADA advocate  herself.

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